Saturday, April 6

Happy Easter & Spring!

Hello my lovely blog that I always seem to neglect! I do not mean to neglect you, I just have way too much going on for my own good to get to do all of the things that I love & really need to get around to getting done! But anyways here I am & I just wanted to wish you all happy Easter & a lovely first week of Spring!

I found some cute little Easter & Spring graphics that I have decided to post for you all to enjoy! I found them all on google and I thought that they were adorable and that you would like them too.

Anyways, tomorrow is April 1st 2013! yay :) A brand new month to start in my new planner I'm working on which I had decided to handmade myself, and a brand new calendar I added in it also! I'll share it on here later, and I thought I'd share a few of my goals for the new month of April:

•Work on finishing up my products for my upcoming Etsy Shop
•Create a deadline by when to finish my shop & have it ready to do a Grand Opening Day!
•Work on my time management
•Get a penpal(s) & start writing then letters!
•Participate more in blog events such as challenges & swaps etc & not neglect my own blog!!!
•Try to do an Instagram Challenge
•Go to bed earlier & Get up somewhat early.
•Try to eat more healthier.
•Work on my self made planner & keep track of what goes on & upcoming plans & projects in April.
• Finish a travel journal that I make & one that I actually like & want to share.
• & Last One: Take lots of photos & post them on here & my Instagram :)

XO Mariya Michelle!

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