About Mariya Michelle;
I'm just a simple hippy child with a dreamers state of mind & a passion for collecting all things that qualify as being lovely that I may discover or create during the wild adventures that have made up the strange yet always amazing life I live. This is my Hippy Wonderland, this is my own little land of wonder that I have created on the world wide web so I can share my lovely collection of things for the purpose of hopefully bringing you some sort of inspirational energy or at least just to make you smile.

Hippy Wonderland is a combination of my life & what goes on in my head, basically it's like a journal/scrapbook of things that I enjoy, my interests, my hobbys, ideas, dreams, goals, plans, projects, motivations, inspiration, art, crafts, photos and all those other things that go through my mind on a daily basis. If you're not the kind of person that enjoys artistic things, projects, ideas, brainstorming, creating, sharing inspiration & anything else of that sort then you probably won't be interested in this blog. But anyone that is interested in that feild please feel free to say hi!

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  1. Hi Mariya,
    I found your blog. Very beautiful pictures!
    Take care,