Tuesday, April 16

Airmail Craft Ideas;

My newest interest in crafts is anything that is related to Vintage Airmail. Anything that's vintage airmail is like those old school envelopes with the red white & blue sides that have all kinds of stamps & sayings like 'Par Avion' and others. So I have been looking at craft projects that have to do with airmail that other people have done & I have been wanting to share them on my blog for myself & others to get inspired & create one! I have mostly found cards, journals, notebooks, scrapbooks, letters & envelopes made for airmail crafts.

So I'll post my airmail project soon that I'm gonna be working on once it's ready for you! & I'll be writing & sending my own airmail here soon because I have been working on writing to some new penpals that I have found! Yay I can't wait! :) I will post about that also soon! Anyways O hope you enjoy these photos!

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