Saturday, April 20

Nostalgia & Crowns Out Of Flowers

You deffinately do not see many people around wearing things like that, it seems like only in photos. But how lovely & whimsical would it actually be to find a free open field with lots of grass & flowers with a few trees to spend an afternoon, sounds so nice. To have sunshine, flowers of all kinds to make daisy chains & crowns out of, shade under a tree perfect to sit under and a flowey vintage floral summer dress with a hat & big brim sounds nice I think. I'm definitely over Spring now & already wishing for summer, can you tell? Ha. Just a little tiny bit. Everything except for the scorching Arizona heat that is, I think it ruins summer for me. Last Summer it got pretty bad in the Valley of the Sun! It was one crazy hot Summer to say the least!

Anyways, here are some whimsical, vintage & regular photos I wanted to put together pictures I gathered from Tumblr & Weheartit taken of all sorts of flower crowns, with different flowers, not just daisies. They are all very pretty & unique, I want one! Anyways, with the the weather getting warmer each day, I thought I'd post about my Summer nostalgia! What makes you think of Summer? Are you anticipating it's arrival as well? I'd like to know your answers, send me a comment below!

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