Monday, May 7

Creating My Blog A Brand (Project)

Lately I've been changing the look of my blog's template constantly... I just can't settle on the font, color, or background for my layout. Every time I come up with a design that I think I really like, I always end up changing it & then I have to change it again & redesign it again & again & again & again.... But it still never looks exactly how I picture it in my mind, it never seems to look right to me.

So this time I have decided that I'm going to go all out. I am starting a new project, I want to create my blog a whole entire brand instead of just designing a temporary layout for it. That way I can come up with the main design, the theme, color palette, logo, template & what I want the message to be & how I want it to be displayed. I've never designed or created a brand before, so I guess that for my first time doing it for my own blog is going to be a great learning experience for me & my blog. & hopefully for my blogs sake this project will be a success... Ha. Another idea I was thinking about was to record this project & the whole process of it on my blog. I think that that would be something useful to add & it would make this project even more interesting for myself especially when it's all done & I can go look it over from start to finish.

To motivate myself to get going with starting the project, I have picked out a couple photos from my computer that I kept for times like this when I need to collect inspiration for creating my own brand. & I'm sure that these photos are not branding related but I just think they go perfectly with my project & looking at them really does help me get inspired & start brainstorming some ideas for what I want to do with this project.

Have you ever created a brand for yourself or someone else? If so, how long did it take you to finally complete the whole process? & if you're a newbie to this like me, then you should try it sometime especially if you blog. It's like creating your own identity for your blog & it really does make a huge difference.

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