Monday, April 30

Life & Everything Lately;

I know I haven't been blogging as much as I've been wanting to or as much as I should be... But I've been going through some personal issues that have been hard on me lately. Plus my roommate & I are forced to move this weekend, so we're scrambling around trying to pack up our stuff & get our money together for the new apartment that we found. That has been very stressful on me & so I haven't really felt any motivation to be creative lately, although I've been wanting to more than anything!!

But I'm feeling like I am already getting back into the groove of being creative & inspired enough to create my own beautiful things again, so I'm gonna take advantage of this random motivation & run with it until it runs out. I think this spur of motivation must have came from me feeling happier then I have been in a while... Yesterday I decided at the very last minute to bring my best friend Amanda (who I haven't seen in forever) to the Staind concert with me. We had soo much fun & it was amazing! I took lots of pictures & even a video which I will deffinately post here very very soon! Anyways, heres a photo post, cause I figured I needed to think of someway to catch up on what else I've had going on since my last post...

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