Wednesday, May 2

New Apartment Ideas & Inspiration;

As I mentioned previously, I just recently moved into a new apartment & everything is all scattered in my new room & i have no furniture, not even a bed! But worst of all is I don't have any ideas for the interior design so I'm completely lost!! Therefore, I thought it would be the perfect time to go to my interior design folder filled with interior decorating photos that I've fallen in love with over time & built a large collection for time like this! The best part is finally returning & looking at all the lovely rooms which look different to me everytime! So it is not hard to come up with new ideas or inspiration at all.

& I just had to share my collection with my lovely blog so I picked out some of my favorites to get ideas for my new bedroom! Nothing quite like girly & pink bedrooms, but I couldn't resist throwing in a few closets, bathrooms & living rooms too. I maybe focusing on getting my bedroom set up but  I can always use the ideas I come up with for my bathroom & other parts of the apartment for future projects.

Well I hope you enjoy these lovely & beautiful room deisgns! Which ones were your favorites? & do you like to rearrange the look of your bedroom/apartment every once in a while or is it too much work?

(None of those lovely photographs belong to me, they're mainly used for inspiration purposes!)

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  1. I love the contrast between pure white and bright colours! xx