Thursday, September 1

One Month - 1st Outfit Post;

Today it's my 1 month blogiversary! Which I know might seem like nothing compared to alot of you bloggers that have been blogging for years, but this is the longest that I've ever really stuck with consistantly updating & working on a blog, so this is kind of exciting for me! I hope to have many many more Hippy Wonderland blogiversaries as well as I hope to come up with many many new posts, taking & sharing lots of new pictures & discovering plenty of new inspiring & lovely bloggers & making new friends in the process! I can't even imagine where I'll be in life on my first year of blogging! YIKES!

Well anyways, here are some photos that I took of myself not too long ago in my back yard (smoking a cancer stick!) & the brand new planner I got for myself! So I've decided why not let this be my first ever outfit post?! Hope you enjoy! Oh & these photos all belong to me!

Shirt - Flea Market  /  Skirt - Abercrombie  /  Bandanna - Michaels  /  Sunglasses - Thrifted

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