Thursday, September 15

Fall Frenzy - Fashion Ideas;

Lately my wardrobe has been feeling a little boring, plain & dare I say almost empty?! I mean not literally empty, far from being empty actually, but I just feel like I don't have anything to wear whenever I go inside my closet to pick out something. I guess it's just that whole 'closet-full-of-clothes-but-nothing-to-wear' attitude that I must have picked up somewhere & finally noticed the affects on how I'm dressing lately.  The only one I can blame for this lack of fashion inspiration is none other than myself.  I mean it's already half way through September & I've still got summer fashion on my mind!  I need some Fall Spirit over here & quick!!

& I looove the Fall! I especially adore the Fall Fashions, the scarves, sweaters, hats, jeans, boots, leggings & tights! Plus, all the other wonderful stuff that Fall brings such as Pumpkin Spice Frappaccinos & Lattes (That can finally be hot!), the lovely weather outside, the colors of the trees & going out for picture taking is just such a wonderful time! Oh wow, just remembering those things as I was writing about them has definitely inspired me quite alot, but as for some Inspirational Fall Fashion Outfit Ideas, here's a list of photos I found of the kind of style I think I'm going for this Fall! (None of those photos are mine!) But you can expect lots more from me of my own coming very soon!

Hope you all enjoy & get inspired too!

Those are all such lovely outfits perfect for this fall am I right?? & Guess who's got a Birthday coming up on October 25th?! Yup, I'm gonna be a 19 year old young lady (yeah right more like young mess, ha!) Anyways, my birthday wishlist will be posted soon, stay tuned! & if you love me, make sure everything on that list shows up on my big day (lol, I'm such a hoot!)

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  1. You have such a refined sense of fashion. I see a clothing line in your future..