Sunday, August 28

Mondays Inspiration - Craft Projects;

Lately I've been seeing alot of really lovely arts & crafts online that people are making &/or selling which I think is such an awesome idea! So I've made a 'Inspirational Craft Projects' folder on my computer that I save pictures of things that inspire me or that I want to try to make myself. I used to do alot of crafting projects myself, but I just got so busy with life that I kind of just stopped...

But all the lovely things that people make just are so inspiring to me, I really want to get back into making things again! I've been collecting craft materials for a while now, so I think I'm gonna give it a go sometime this week & post some photos. I have so many neat ideas of stuff to make! I've also started reading the book 'Crafty Superstar' by Grace Dobush who's amazing blog you can find here (I read it religiously!) & If you've got a love for making arts & crafts & think you got what it takes to sell your creations as well as become a Crafty Superstar then you should get your hands on that book asap! It's a great guide for explaining what it takes to set up your own craft selling business. I've recently started reading it for myself & what do you know, I find it very motivational & inspiring to try it out for myself one day!But seeing all the masterpieces has truely inspired me & I've been trying to start back up again! I've also been collecting some great materials to use for my projects. I've got so many wonderful ideas that I can't wait to start working on! Also I came across this really neat book called 'Crafty Superstar' by Grace Dobush who's blog (that I lurk religiously) you can check out here & if you are interested in crafting as well as becoming a Crafty Superstar & sell your creations then I suggest you get your hands on that book asap! I've started reading it recently & I think it is a great guide for what it takes to start selling arts & crafts.

& if you guys are into making things yourself, I'd love to see some of your lovely projects, so send me a link or something & I will gladly check it out! Anyways here are some photos from my 'Inspirational Craft Projects' collection that I just wanted to share with you all & in hopes that they inspire you as they have done for me. Enjoy!

(None of these lovely projects/photos belong to me & if you are the owner of one of them, please let me know & I would love to credit you! xoxo)

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