Monday, August 22

Mondays Inspiration - Goodbye Summer;

Isn’t it sad, that summer is officially over after today? Of course if you live in Arizona (like me), the weather here makes it seem like summer is far from over. I can’t accept Fall being here & Summer ending when it’s 120 degrees outside! That’s insane huh? Well that’s good old Arizona weather for ya. I bet we’re practically the only place that’s still got summer weather going. But oh well, I guess that maybe summer wanted to make an exception & stay a bit longer here with us.  Plus I’m not even ready for Fall yet! I haven’t gone shopping for Fall clothes yet & I probably won’t for another couple of weeks. I don’t think this summer will be over until it gets to be October, yikes! Anyway since summer won't be back again til 2012, I thought I'd do a lovely vintage post of summer-y photos (they don't belong to me!) Enjoy!

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