Monday, March 5

Mondays Inspiration; Color Palette Ideas

So I just got a brand new laptop about 2 days ago, from a very special friend & I'm still in shock that this laptop actually belongs to me! It's such a perfect time too, because this month I've come up with a monthly blog goals project (by the way I will post this months list very soon!) & having my own laptop is gonna make getting my blogging goals accomplished alot easier now. I still have to finish the list before I can post it, but I should have it done in the next couple days. I've decided to break my goals up into categories:  Design/Look, Content & To Do List/Plans to make it easier to keep my goals as organized as possible. So I decided to start with the Design/Look of my blog, which I've never actually planned anything for in the past so that means I'll be starting my blog design all from scratch.

I figured that the first thing I should do is pick out a color palette for the layout, logo, theme & brand of my blog. So here are some color palette ideas I picked out that I'd like to use for my blog. Now I just have to pick out the one that I like the most... Yikes! This may take a while since they're all such lovely color combinations. If you have any suggestions or advice for which colors I should use for my blog please let me know, I would love to hear your opinion!

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