Monday, January 9

Mondays Inspiration - Bows;

I haven't posted on here in quite a few months, but not because I haven't felt like it or haven't had the time... I've been going through some really hard times lately, and I've been trying to deal with things that I've never dealt with before as best as I can. But as of now I've decided it is time for me to resume blogging because it's something that I have a great passion for & makes me pretty happy!

Anyways, Happy New Year everybody! I thought I'd start out this fresh new year with an inspiration blog post. Something that I've recently found to be inspiring to myself is bows! & I have all kinds of different bow pictures saved on my computer, so I decided not to limit this picture post to a certain kind of bow, like just hair bows or whatever. I figured bows were a good enough theme to make this post interesting.

Plus the reason I've been so into bows lately is because last night I came up with an idea for my second tattoo that I'm planning on getting as soon as I'm not dirt broke anymore haha. I wanna get a little tiny bow somewhere like maybe on my and or my wrist. I haven't figured out all of the details for the tattoo yet, so I figured I should inspire myself with bow pictures! & hopefully maybe inspire someone else as well. None of those photographs belong to me!

Happy New Year Everyone! I'm gonna be posting as much as possible this year, that's a New Years resolution that I plan on sticking with forsure <3

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