Thursday, January 15

Practicing Graphic Design

Recently since I got my new iPhone, everytime I've gotten bored I noticed that I tend to download Photo Editing Apps & I indulge myself in editing photos & creating graphics & designs, etc. Some of my past designs I really had been proud of, but my more recent ones are nothing special, I see them more as practice & beginning stuff, like stuff I made when I just first started using some of the Apps & I was still akward at using it. Anyways, I wanted to post them on here just for show. Maybe someone will like &/or appreciate one of them, but I highly doubt it! Lol even I think they kind of pretty much suck ha. But I do promise to post some of my better looking and interesting ones that you might actually like in the future I pinky promise!

Oh and I have made a serious commitment to post more frequently on this blog & actually create a brand for it & totally work on improving its physical appearance cause I know that it doesn't look presentable right now! Ha.

XO Mariya Michelle

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