Tuesday, July 2

Airmail Graphic Freebie!

So here is a cute little something that I made just for you. This is the very first graphic I have ever made for the purpose of sharing for anyone to use free of charge. Please use this graphic for personal use instead of commercial use & if you can remember to please somehow credit me when you use this graphic, I would much appreciate it! 

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this its my very first freebie & since I have a strong obsession with airmail I have made this a blank background with a cute border of airmail stamps! You can use it for whatever you would like and add text to the center, or a photo, or vector stickers. It's up to you!

Please share what you decide to use this for, so I can see what you make! I really want to see it! Feel free to post them below! Enjoy!!

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