Friday, March 16

Styles I Love - Striped Sweaters & Cardigans;

Last weekend I went shopping at the mall with my mom, a friend of hers, & my grandma, well it was more like I went shopping & they stuck with browsing. My mom's friend Alla & I had the most fun going into our favorite stores such as Free People, J Crew, Nordstroms, and lots of others. We went all over each store, to make sure we didn't miss anything that was cute & excitedly point and make comments to each other the things that we really liked. It seems like fashion just keeps getting more amazing lately, I don't know what it is but I've become extra concious of what I wear now, what I want to change about my style & what I clothing styles I'm crazy about! So I've been looking on weheartit

 & bsessed with just about any type of sweater, cardigans, or long sleeved t-shirts that are striped. I have a collection in my closet full of stripes & it just seems to keep growing larger & larger.

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