Monday, August 1

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Hello there, lovely blog & anyone that might just happen to wander into my Hippy Wonderland!

My name is Mariya Michelle (pronounced like Maria). I've never been much of a decent blogger, but recently I've been inspired to come back with a fresh start. I love writing, taking pictures, photographs, fashion, art, making jewelry, drawing, making things, being inspired & I'm going to add everyone of those into my blog.  Hippy Wonderland is my way of  sharing pretty pictures, nostalgic memories, words, thoughts, artistic inspiration as well as motivation, and reaching my goal of staring my summer closet sale shop, which is a project I'm working on that you will see later on.

Anywway, I wrote a list of some ideas for posts that will be next on my blog. I figured it would was nothing special without a single picture, so I filled that post up with a bunch of photos & none of which belong to me. I've collected them from all over websites, blogs & tumblrs. If you are or you know who the owner of any of them is please contact me so I can properly credit.

But I would love to hear what your thoughts about my first post are, so don't be a stranger & be sure you come back regularly to check my blog to look for the new posts!

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