Tuesday, August 16

Art Galleries & Bookstores;

Two things on my favorite things in the world list would be art & a good book. So last week I was really ecstatic about finding a trendy little shop called Loft a GoGo. I actually thought it was an art gallery because of how much art they had for sale, but they also have furniture, postcards & other really super neat stuff! You can check them out for yourself here if you're interested. I took pictures of my favorite art pieces to share with you. I also visit Barnes & Nobles (my favorite bookstore) at least once a week & sit there for a couple hours drinking coffee & reading new books. I have a bad habit of grabbing as many books as I carry, but I thought these would be good to share with you as well...

I'd Love To Hear Your Opinion;

I'm really into art from the 60s & 70s era or at least art portraying that look. I love the whole druggie / grungy scene & hippy lifestyles too. I find that sort of art to be so exciting! So that explains the theme my photos have going.

So the 2nd & 3rd photos from the list of books are actually mine & I took them at my house. & the Handmade Marketplace book is mine also since I ended up buying it that day. All the other books are amazing & I really want to get them & finish reading them. Especially the Edie one because II just love Edie Sedgewick so much!!

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